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Contemporary Reservation - Rómer Courtyard

Dániel Ungerhofer 8 years ago - 3:42

Living in Community

Katalin Konczné Theisler 8 years ago - 27:06

Tradition and modernity

Gábor U.Nagy 8 years ago - 1:42:57

Sustainable ethic

Gábor Bártfai-Szabó 8 years ago - 19:55

3rd prize: Various application of area

István Gyulovics 8 years ago - 8:22

villageBUILDING, courtyardBUILDING

Ádám Tátrai
Dóra Karner
Anna Petrovicz
8 years ago - 22:23

Community building

András Cseh 8 years ago - 20:57

Thermal insulations of natural materials

PhD. Dávid Bozsaky 8 years ago - 27:36

BioSpace – Neighbouring green

András Nagy 8 years ago - 21:02

Short estimation of the design competition of

DLA Tamás Czigány
László Damokos
Júlia Stein
8 years ago - 27:08