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MILD HOME and Eco Green Village

MILD HOME and Eco Green Village (15)

The MILD HOME project started its work in October 2012 by the co-funding of the European Union, in the framework of the South East Europe Transnational Cooperation Programme. Its aim is to develop the design of a new residential building prototype in with a new philosophy, investigating different scenarios for its operation and feasibility.

In the project ecological and economical sustainable solutions are researched for housing and urban development. ‘MILD HOME’ was defined as a prototype of an affordable housing for the next few decades, discovering the appropriate architectural responses for the continuously changing environmental and social challenges. ‘Eco Green Village’ is a complementary system to the individual MILD HOMEs, integrating those into an almost autonomous settlement.

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MILD HOME - A project for the sustainable living

József Élő 6 years ago - 11:44

Parallel architectural design competitions in

Tamás Horváth 6 years ago - 31:59

2nd prize: Wise matching of structures

DLA Gergely Sztranyák 6 years ago - 13:27

1st prize: Rethought lifestyle

Zsófia Kovács
Marcell Balázs
6 years ago - 13:11

Short estimation of the design competition of

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László Damokos
Júlia Stein
6 years ago - 27:08

BioSpace – Neighbouring green

András Nagy 6 years ago - 21:02

Thermal insulations of natural materials

PhD. Dávid Bozsaky 6 years ago - 27:36

Community building

András Cseh 6 years ago - 20:57

villageBUILDING, courtyardBUILDING

Ádám Tátrai
Dóra Karner
Anna Petrovicz
6 years ago - 22:23


7 years ago - 6:01

3rd prize: Various application of area

István Gyulovics 6 years ago - 8:22

Sustainable ethic

Gábor Bártfai-Szabó 6 years ago - 19:55